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Impact Wealth Group is a full service financial firm that specializes in retirement planning. Our associated company, IWG Investment Advisors LLC, is a Registered Investment Advisor offering a full range of money management opportunities. With our expertise in financial planning and extensive knowledge of recent life insurance innovations, we help clients substantially increase after tax income in retirement – hopefully achieving a ZERO tax bracket.

We developed the “Strategic Alliance” program because we discovered that clients’ needs are best served by an IWG agent working together with an accounting professional. This program has proven to be very productive for everyone involved. Accountants using this program have very satisfied clients and generate a substantial increase in revenue. Our marketing efforts have helped expand accountant associates’ client base because it is in our agents’ interest to refer clients to an accountant that is well informed about the Zero Tax Roadmap strategy. Accountants can help clients understand our strategy and confirm the positive benefits.

Clyde Cleveland, CEO and Karey Rebello, CPA, CFP and IWG CFO discuss the benefits of the IWG CPA Strategic Alliance

The steps below demonstrate how the process works. The forms are from actual clients of our accountant associates (the names have been changed for privacy). These are real cases with real numbers.

After reviewing the information, we highly recommend contacting your local IWG agent to answer questions and learn more about how you can benefit from an alliance with IWG. Background information on our company’s principals and your local IWG agent are included below.

We also recommend reading two short books that provide an excellent explanation of our unique approach to retirement planning – “The Power of Zero” and “Look Before you LIRP” by David McKnight, a nationally known expert in retirement planning. Just let your local IWG agent know that you would like a copy of both books and they will order them on your behalf.

1.) Comparison Request Form. This form is used as a fact finder. Accountants fill out this form on behalf of the client for the agent.

Comparison Request Form

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2.) Completed Comparison Form. This is what a properly completed form looks like.

Completed Comparison From.

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3.) Example of a Completed Comparison. After our analysis, the client receives a report comparing their current plan to our recommended plan.

Completed Comparison From.

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4.) Presentation Video. This is an example of our presentation to accountants.


Information regarding Impact Wealth Group and its principals:

Clyde Cleveland, IWG Co-founder and CEO, Investment Advisor Representative for IWGIA

Clyde Cleveland

Mr. Cleveland began his career as a financial planner 44 years ago with Investors Diversified Services in Glenview, IL. A few years later he founded and served as President of United Investment Groups (UIG). In 1984, UIG became the third largest syndicator of private research and development partnerships in the country. In conjunction with UIG, Clyde was the General Partner of 23 limited partnerships, including real estate, research and development (R&D), and wind energy syndications. In 1986, Conscious Investors, ltd. named Clyde the “First Socially Conscious Venture Capitalist” at their international symposium on Conscious Investing in Estes Park, Colorado.

In 2002, Clyde co-founded Seminar Crowds, a company which became the second largest mailing company for financial service seminar agents in the country. In 2005, he co-founded Randall Marketing Group (RMG), a spin-off from Seminar Crowds. Clyde is the President of RMG which continues to be a leader in the field of training financial service agents.

In 2016, he co-founded Impact Wealth Group with Art Athanas, a financial services company dedicated to increasing after tax retirement income for clients. Clyde is a licensed insurance agent in multiple states. He is an Investment Advisor Representative for IWG Investment Advisors LLC (IWGIA). Clyde has been married since 1970, has four children and seven grandchildren. He has been active in educating people regarding the founding principles of our country and has written two books on the subject: “Restoring the Heart of America” ©2001 By Clyde J. Cleveland and Edward F. Noyes, and “Common Sense Revisited” ©2008 by Clyde J. Cleveland.

Karey Hensley Rebello, CPA, CFP, IWG Co-founder and CFO,
Investment Advisor Representative for IWGIA

Karey Hensley Rebello

Karey received her BS in Accounting from the University of South Florida in 1991 and became a Florida CPA in 1993. Karey earned her Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 2006. She formed Hensley CPA Firm PA in 1996 in Naples, FL where she developed a highly successful practice with several hundred clients. She opened another CPA Firm in Frisco, TX, in 2011 and currently oversees both her Florida, and Texas, CPA offices. She recently became an Investment Advisor Representative with IWG Investment Advisors LLC, A Florida and Texas Registered Investment Advisory company.

Karey is a consummate professional whose accomplishments include: real estate investing, speaker for the European Business Network, Intuit Pro Advisor Certified Specialist, Crown Financial Ministry Leader; and member of the Texas Society of CPA’s, Frisco Chamber, and former member of the Advisory Board of Hodges University. She has also appeared on Fox News as a Tax Analyst.

In 2017 she joined the co-founders of Impact Wealth Group to provide outstanding retirement planning for all of her clients. Karey has extensive experience assisting individuals and small business clients in various areas and enjoys helping clients accomplish their business & life goals. Her patient nature and mild manner reassures clients & keeps them focused. However, she also enjoys advocating for her clients and will do endless research to support taxpayer’s positions & challenge IRS positions. Karey and her three children live in Little Elm, TX.

Art Athanas, LUTCF, IWG Co-founder and President

Art Athanas

With over 30 years in the financial services industry, Art specializes in challenging traditional industry thinking. Art works closely with his clients in an effort to develop successful and tax efficient strategies. Many of Art’s clients seek strategies relating to increasing their retirement income, purchasing real estate, early mortgage pay-offs, funding educational expenses for children, or expanding a business.

Over the years, Art has provided tax advantaged retirement planning to executives at a number of major international corporations, including Cisco, Georgia Pacific, Avaya, UPS, Citrix, and BASF.

Art started his career in 1990 with Mass Mutual Financial.

In 1997, Art joined Prudential Securities as a Financial Advisor at their Aventura, Florida offices.

Art was registered in the securities industry from 1992-2017 and has since focused on insurance and annuity services. He is licensed to sell Life Insurance in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Missouri. Art successfully completed the Life Insurance Training Counsel in 1994 and achieved the LUTCF designation. As an independent insurance broker, Art is able to utilize products offered by many of the largest companies in the industry. By not being tied to one company, Art can work together with his clients in an effort to seek out the best opportunities based on each client’s unique situation.

In 2019, Art will join IWG Investment Advisors as an investment adviser representative.

Art has lived in Fort Lauderdale since 1990. He has been married since 1969 and has 3 children and 2 grand children. He has been the District Governor and Club President for Gyro International. He has also been the President of Broward Business Associates.

Art recently authored an article on the compelling advantages of fixed index annuities. Learn how “Zero is Your Hero”. Click HERE to learn more.

Len Strickler, IWG Co-founder and CMO - Founder of LS Financal Group.

Len Strickler

With over three decades of business experience and financial services knowledge, Len has guided numerous seniors as they navigate through the many options for retirement. He presents strategies for principal protection and income accumulation without market risk. As a result, not one of Len’s clients has lost money in a market downturn. His motto “Safety First in Retirement”!

Len firmly believes in treating clients as family: always with the upmost honesty and integrity.

Len is the co-author of “The Power of Leadership; Being the Leader Producing Results.” Also, Len is an author of over 20 published articles and has made several radio and TV appearances on personal empowerment and financial freedom. Len continues to be an approved member of the National Ethics Association, National Social Security Association, National Association of Professional Agents, and the Better Business Bureau.

Len now hosts a radio show called “Safe Money Radio” airing in Tampa, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Naples, and West Palm Beach, Florida. His program is educational and discusses how to get out of the Wall Street Casino and away from the roller coaster that is the stock market. As an alternative, Len explains how fixed indexed annuities can provide security - never losing principal and participating in some of the upside through indexes offered by large, safe insurance companies.

Len recently authored two articles: one on reducing risk in uncertain markets (Click HERE) and another about the advantage of annuities in bear markets (Click HERE) to read his articles and learn more. Hear Len discuss protecting retirement assets with the right investment strategy HERE.

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